Benefit Clarity: More than Eligibility

Inbox Health connects thousands of pieces of insurance data, making sense of patient benefits in real time.

Insurance Verification for the Digital Age

Inbox Health creates digital insurance records for every patient, making it easy to verify and track detailed insurance benefits over time.

Individual deductible

$175 remaining of $250

Family deductible

$425 remaining of $500

Increase cost transparency for patients

Inbox Health's estimation tools make talking to patients about their out of pocket costs easier, and helps you reduce bad debt.

The expected out of pocket cost for these services is $445 to $615.


Recommended payment today: $180.00


We're making checking patient eligibility and benefits easier.


Verify patient benefits with over 1,000 private and public payers, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Simple startup

Get up and running in less than an hour. We make checking patient benefits fun and simple.

Mobile friendly

Check insurance on any device, in the office or on the go. Look for Inbox Health in the App Store soon.

Visualize benefits

Help patients understand their coverage with intuitive interfaces, charts, and images that simplify benefits.


Our Clarity Package includes 500 eligibility checks, and tons of features and support for just $79.

Estimate cost

Don't perform costly procedures without showing patients their benefits and getting out-of-pocket costs up front.

Got questions about eligibility? We've got answers.

Lots! When you verify insurance eligibility with Inbox Health you get a lot more than just a yes or no. We currently provide real-time information on deductible, copay amounts, co-insurance, non-covered services, authorization requirements, plan maximums, number of visits allowed, primary care provider, plan type and name, demographics, and more. We include both text and visual representations of the patient plans to make them easier to understand.

Absolutely. In most cases an export file can easily be created and uploaded into Inbox Health to get you started. Our implementation team can help with this process. Integrations with many EHRs and PM systems are in the works.

Yes. An NPI number will be required for setup. We can help you find your NPI number if you don't have it readily available. We can also store NPI numbers for all the providers at your practice.

Yes. Inbox Health allows you to store both primary and secondary patient insurance information and quickly switch between both benefit views.

The requirements vary by insurer. In most cases, you will need to provide the first and last name of the insured, their date of birth, and member ID.

Inbox Health covers insurance and benefits for all major commercial and public payers including BCBS, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, United, Oxford, and more. Most small insurance companies as well as those that specialize in specific areas like mental health or dental coverage are also available, and more are being added every week. If you would like to check to see if we have coverage for a specific insurance company, please email us at

All Inbox Health subscription plans include an allotted amount of eligibility checks and users. Additional usage over your monthly plan amount will be charged at the end of your billing period to a debit or credit card on file. If you have a unique or large practice, our sales team can create a custom plan that works for you, please email us at

Yes. Our support team will show you the best practices, including how to check out-of-state insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield plans are commonly out of state because of an employer's headquartered location. With Inbox Health, you can check all plan's eligibility regardless of state location.

Yes. However, some states require you to enroll with the payor before checking eligibility and benefits. With Inbox Health, it's easy to enroll right from your payor settings. Our support team will help guide you through the simple process.

Yes. Most healthcare plans purchased on a state or federal exchange can be have their insurance benefits checked on Inbox Health.

Yes. Inbox Health can also allow you to collect payment on the spot. We allow you to store patient credit, debit, and HSA cards on file, send digital receipts, and even collect the patients signature on a smart phone or tablet. We can even provide estimates of patient out of pocket cost, so you can collect payment before sending a bill to insurance. Our sales or support teams can provide more information about these optional services.

HIPAA compliance and security are two things we take very seriously, Inbox Health was designed with today's regulations in mind. Your data is treated with bank-like security, encrypted at all times and regularly backed up. We monitor and log activity to be sure there isn't any improper access, and carefully control access to our data and offices. If you have more questions or concerns email us at All providers are required to sign a business associate agreement with Inbox Health to use the service.

Built for any specialty

We work with all specialities in healthcare, even those with unique needs.

Behavioral Health

We can provide benefit information in real time with dozens of payors specific to behavioral health. Learn more.

Mental Health

Inbox Health's eligibility platform goes where you go, making checking patient benefits from anywhere a breeze. Learn more.

Medical Transport

Simple, quick eligibility from anywhere your work takes you. It's a natural fit for healthcare workers on the go. Learn more.

Pricing Plans

All plans have 14 day trial periods, and no long term commitment.


For small practices, start small and pay only for what you use.
Check patient benefits in real-time, store patient payment methods, process payments, create payment plans and more.


Get detailed patient benefits in real time, with live chat support.
Insurance connectivity to hundreds of payers. Check up to 500 patient benefits a month for free, and pay just 10 cents after that.


Online patient booking and appointment automation.
Take the next step with automation. Let patients book online, automate reminders, copay collection, pre-visit benefit checks and a whole lot more. Integration available for many vendors.


Automate check-in, financial counseling, and payments.
Create a pre-visit patient experience that helps prepare patients for their visit. Complete intake, financial responsibility review, balance collection, and lots more. All available on patients own devices. Integration is available for many vendors.

Learn how our eligibility verification can help your practice today.

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