Inside the Success of 3 Medical Billing Companies in 2021

December 28, 2021

2 minute read

You have big goals for your billing team in 2022. To set yourself up for success, it’s helpful to learn from the past. Many of Inbox Health’s billing companies reported great wins in 2021. Here’s what has contributed to their growth (hint: automation is a common theme): 


The Auctus Group

Key to success: Embrace technology to fuel growth

John Gwin, CEO of The Auctus Group, has always seen technology as an important factor in medical billing. In 2021, the company bid farewell to manual workflows based on paper statements. They embraced Inbox Health’s platform so statements are reviewed automatically based on preferred settings, and patients receive their bills through digital channels (text and email). The amount of time John’s team saves with updated software has allowed the Auctus Group to take on a higher volume of larger clients. 

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Elite Medical Billing

Key to success: Focus on patient engagement and automation

This year, President of Elite Medical Billing Diana El Masri turned the patient experience on its head. She shifted to a digital-first approach using Inbox Health’s platform. This simplifies the language on statements so her patients understand their bills and allows her team to communicate through the channel that each patient uses most. She also automated formerly manual processes. Bills are now automatically sent out, and Elite’s clients are now realizing a shorter time between DOS and bill delivery and payment. Payments are auto-posted, reducing the work required by her team and potential human errors.

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Sertus Medical Billing

Key to success: Automate check handling

April Arzate, President of Sertus Medical Billing, adopted Inbox Health’s feature called Mailbox that helps make the patient payment processes more efficient and eliminates a substantial amount of manual effort. Now, all patient checks and correspondence are sent to a P.O. Box location, payments and documents are automatically scanned, posted, and applied to accounts. Mailbox has saved her company time, money, and improved accuracy. Since there is faster turnaround time from patient payment to payment posting, duplicate patient billing is eliminated and overhead costs are reduced. 

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