Are your patient statements a liability or an asset?

Inbox Health's patient statements reduce the time and money you spend on patient billing, while improving patient satisfaction.


Our patient communication platform uses algorithms to increase patient response rates and increase payments.


When our patient statements combine with our point-of-sale features, we reduce the time and cost of paper billing.

Patient friendly

A patient payment portal that makes it easy for patients to pay and get their billing questions answered. On any device.

Simplifying the patient experience.

Deliver patient statements straight to their inbox, phone or mailbox, with payment experiences that are modern, simple, and secure.

Payments with peace of mind

Customers can pay simply from any of their devices. A payment portal that provides clarity, not confusion. That's Inbox Health.

Patients get answers faster

When patients have a question about their bill or coverage, they can get answers quickly without picking up the phone.

Reduce staff workload

More questions come through Inbox Health, keeping staff off the phone and helping more patients, maximizing efficiency.

Reinvent Your Patient Revenue Cycle

Change the way your staff and patients think about patient billing.

Seamless Patient Revenue

Instantly send beautiful statements in seconds. Inbox Health delivers the patient revenue cycle solution you need.

Flexible Payments

Credit card payments, automated payment plans, patient estimates and more. With Inbox you can do it all.

Follow the Money

You can track your patient statements in ways never before possible with Inbox Health.

Looking to improve patient satisfaction?

Inbox Health's patient revenue cycle solutions can help maximize patient satisfaction with the billing process for ACOs

Overall patient satisfaction with their healthcare providers has been shown to be tied closely to the billing and payment process. A recent survey showed 81% of patients reported anger or frustration related to their medical bills. Inbox Health turns the billing and payment process into an asset for your organization, instead of a liability.

Inbox Health helps your organization reinvent your patient revenue cycle in two ways, first, by delivering a point-of-sale and billing experience that is clear and sets the patient's expectations for price before they leave. We work with your team to help them inform patients about their insurance benefits at the time of service, giving them a realistic understanding of their coverage and costs. Second, Inbox Health's billing and payment process is designed to be consumer-friendly. Statements are delivered digitally whenever possible, through interfaces that patients love, and providing them the opportunity to ask questions and get answers quickly.

We do all of this, while delivering a solution that is far more efficient at getting you paid than existing patient revenue cycle management solutions.

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