Remote payments during a time of social distancing

April 20, 2020

2 minute read

Many practice’s ability to accept payments has been disrupted.  Most methods of accepting payments have been compromised, ranging from checking the office mailbox, taking payments with a physical swipe-reader, or software that cannot be installed on staff’s home computers.

While many patients continue to pay their medical bills or to enroll in flexible payment plans, these payments or payment plans cannot be facilitated with the current technology available for providers, and this may be negatively affecting practice cash-flow. 

To help alleviate this issue, Inbox Health is providing a remote payment capture feature. 

The benefits of this feature are not limited to mobile payment collection. Inbox Health allows for easy compliance and record keeping for offices and billing companies, flexible payment arrangements for patients, and transparency for patients into what they’re paying.

For compliance and record keeping, Inbox Health offers end-to-end encrypted and HIPAA secure payment processing.  Payments taken through the Inbox Health platform will post into the patient’s account in the integrated practice management system, as well as apply to the specific invoices the patient has paid. It also allows reporting on any payments taken.

For patient and practice flexibility, Inbox allows practices to save card-on-file information to remotely charge later and allows practices and patients to create automatic payment arrangements. This can spread out large bills over several weeks or months at the practice’s discretion. And, if needed, practices can issue refunds to patients in a couple of clicks. For billing transparency, practices can review patients’ invoices in an easy-to-read format, and send one-time, simple, and digital statements to patients.  Practices can then offer easy email receipts.

For many offices, even if you were to take a payment remotely, without addressing compliance, payment flexibility and billing transparency, it can make accepting payment cumbersome or a compliance nightmare. Take out that worry with the Inbox mobile payments feature.

And best of all, the payments will deposit in your practice’s account for quick relief.  If you have any questions, please contact your customer success manager.