Biller Dashboard

Effortlessly prioritize your workflow

Inbox Health’s biller dashboard allows you to prioritize your patient A/R workflow by providing at-a-glance status of your billing cycles, outstanding payments, patient notes, graphs that track key billing performance metrics, and access to real-time data for multiple practice management systems in one place. 

Optimize your workflow with all the information you need to take action, in one place


Easily manage and prioritize daily tasks

See your to-do list across all practices at a glance, organized by patient billing, patient payments, and patient notes.


View your most valuable metrics in one place

Access your most up-to-date data across multiple practice management systems in one, easy-to-navigate location.


Understand your highest and lowest performing enterprises

Search, sort, and rank by individual practice metrics, unlocking areas where you need to make adjustments to patient billing.

Biller Dashboard Features

My Work

My Work shows the volume of work that needs to be completed in a given day and at-a-glance metrics across all of your practices, organized by patient billing, payments, and notes.

Once you complete a task, for example, update a patient payment, the metrics are updated in real time on your biller dashboard, so there is no risk of duplicating actions and your metrics are always up to date.


Highlights compare your practices based on performance. Search, sort, and rank based on payments collected, payment speed, and number of statements sent and billed. Your most valuable metrics are at your fingertips. Gather data for monthly meetings with clients quickly and easily, address practice growth with robust insights, and set benchmarks when having discussions with prospective clients.

How to optimize Highlights in your biller dashboard


Your biller dashboard shows your highest-performing practices are sending statements digitally.

Action Steps

Provide transparency to your practices and show value by demonstrating cost savings on paper statements.


Your biller dashboard shows one practice has a low number of patient payments.

Action Steps

This may be an indicator that a practice is not collecting emails or cell phone numbers. Use this opportunity to discuss best practices in collecting contact information and the cost savings associated with digital statements.


Your biller dashboard shows one practice has exceptionally high patient collections.

Action Steps

Strengthen your relationship with your highest-performing practices. Use this metric as an opportunity to recognize top performers. Send a gift card or lunch to the front desk to show appreciation and foster your relationship.


Your biller dashboard shows a significant number of open notes for one practice.

Action Steps

A high number of open notes indicates multiple patient inquiries. Use this data to pinpoint inefficiencies and discover areas to improve the patient experience.

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