A superior patient experience

Grow your business with an intuitive workflow that treats patients as individuals, while maximizing opportunities for automation and efficiency.

patient experience

Deliver statements that are clear and accessible

Our patient-friendly statements are clear, branded for each practice, and offer convenient web and mobile access to make payments, ask questions or learn about coverage. Patients can login to view their statement using just their birthdate, with no additional username or password to remember.

billing statements

Resolve issues fast, with ease

Offer on-demand support via SMS and live chat features with smart response shortcuts and file sharing capabilities. Better still, the availability of these methods has been shown to reduce phone calls by over 90%.

resolve issues fast

Provide a modern payments experience for optimal results

Accept payment via credit card, digital wallet, ACH, phone or check. Our intuitive online portal offers a simplified checkout across any device. Depending on the practice, patients can also choose to pay in full, or set up recurring payments to cover their balance.

accept multiple payment types
"I love Inbox Health. My time can be focused on practice management rather than resolving billing issues or chasing patients for overdue payments."
Lon Tran, MBA, Practice Administrator

Denny Eye and Laser Center

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