Automated, personalized patient billing

Encourage timely balance resolution with automated patient billing that gets results. 

$149.14Email and TextBillableGWENN FORRESTER$1,267.06Email and TextBillableDAVID DAVIS$400.00Email and TextBillableCINDY M BROWN$30.00Email and TextBillableMEGHAN ASHLEY$20.00Email and TextBillableCHRISTIAN ADAMSBalanceContact PreferenceStatusNameStart all Billing CyclesSearch…ErrorsPast DueFlaggedReady to StartPatient Billing$193.04Email and TextSched.ALYSSA BYER$8.41PaperSched.YOLANDA BUTLER$27.79PaperSched.JUSTIN BIRCH$245.50Email and TextSched.LISA AZAR$573.40Email and TextSched.ARTHUR ALANActiveStatusCreated atBilling CyclesSuspendCancelViewUnpaid10:32:10 AM10/14/2020SuspendCancelViewIn Progress03:47:26 PM1/20/2021OpenedEmail ( PM5/20/21StatusDelivery MethodDate SentNotification HistoryDeliveredText Message (408-123-4567)03:19:13 PM4/20/21DeliveredText Message (408-123-4567)01:20:43 PM4/10/21MailedPaper Bill (1910 E 18th Street...)05:26:35 PM4/6/21MessageFromStatusFilter by…Search…Unassigned Patient MessagesMy Patient NotesAll PatientsPractice SettingsNo problem, it will take a few days to…CHRISTIAN ADAMSOPENI have new insurance that I need to...JONAS SMITHOPENNo problem, it will take a few days to…FITZ FARSEERCLOSEDHello, did you receive the new insurance...BARBARA H JEPSONOPENYes I do. I will send the new information...SAM WALTEROPENAmountPayment MethodPatientFilter Payments by…Search…Card Payments$40,686.56Cash Payments$0.00Card Payments$9,530.35Payment PlansCheckout PaymentsPaymentsPayments$50.00(****4445)CHRISTIAN ADAMS$9.41(****1001)MEGHAN ASHLEY$120.00Insurance 8190110000CINDY M BROWN$68.00(1234)DAVID DAVISReady to StartFlaggedStart all Billing CyclesFilter by...Filter Payments by...

Automatically identify billable patients

Don’t send batched patient statements every 30 days. Inbox Health can automatically review your files and intelligently deliver statements through the patient’s preferred method of communication. Use custom settings to easily identify problem accounts — saving you time and increasing statement accuracy.

Then engage them with the right message for every situation

Think of your new billing workflow as a conversation with the patient that leads to payment. Inbox Health’s smart responder communication feature can help you sequence communications that help ensure accuracy and clarity.

text communications

And remove barriers to payment — increasing your collection rates

Make it easy for patients to pay, with secure access to streamlined medical bills, and payment plans offered automatically to patients identified as unlikely to pay. Quickly resolve any lingering confusion with responsive support via phone, chat or text message.

remove barriers to payment
"I love Inbox Health. My time can be focused on practice management rather than resolving billing issues or chasing patients for overdue payments."
Lon Tran, MBA, Practice Administrator

Denny Eye and Laser Center

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