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We’re on a mission to make every patient payment experience clear and convenient

Inbox Health delivers a personalized patient billing experience that reduces waste and improves payment metrics.

"Healthcare is about caring for people. Industry-standard billing systems are designed to not care about our unique circumstances and just send a bill, and if you don’t pay, send you to collections. We need to be building billing systems that are thoughtful about giving patients the treatment they deserve, from a billing standpoint as well as a care standpoint."
blake walker
Blake Walker, CEO

Inbox Health

What we do

Inbox Health is on a mission to reinvent healthcare, beginning with patient billing. We’re working to turn a frustrating and opaque process into an intelligent, personalized experience. Every day, we strive to create a better healthcare billing model for all of us. We help medical billers and practices improve patient billing, question management, payments and patient engagement.

Why we do it

We believe third party medical billers are an important backbone of the US healthcare industry, and one that can help spur a better, fairer healthcare economy. We’ve chosen to focus our innovation on the needs of these billers, to help bring about change across the tens of thousands of independent practitioners they serve.

Our Values

  • User Experience is Paramount
  • Be Transparent
  • Open Mindedness
  • Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Inbox Health by the Numbers:

  • 1500+
    Practices onboarded, and growing
  • 50+
    Dedicated employees
  • 2.5M+
    Patients use Inbox Health

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