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We’re a passionate team full of developers, engineers, data scientists, and operators driven to reinvent the world of medical billing; bringing increased clarity around charges and more convenient ways to pay.
"Healthcare is about caring for people. Industry-standard billing systems are designed to not care about our unique circumstances and just send a bill, and if you don’t pay, send you to collections. We need to be building billing systems that are thoughtful about giving patients the treatment they deserve, from a billing standpoint as well as a care standpoint."
Blake Walker
Inbox Health

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Inbox Health is on a mission to reinvent healthcare, beginning with patient billing. We're working to turn a frustrating and opaque process into an intelligent, personalized experience. We strive every day to create a better model for healthcare billing for all of us. We believe third party medical billers are an important backbone of the US healthcare industry, and one that can help spur a better, fairer healthcare economy. We have chosen to focus our innovation on the needs of these billers to help bring about change across the tens of thousands of independent practitioners they serve.

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  • Seek to understand
  • Be transparent
  • Be humble
  • Share data
  • Challenge ourselves
  • Create great experiences

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Billers: Your Practices Need You Now More Than Ever

The largest emergency aid package in US history was passed on Friday. The unprecedented bill is going to inject money into the hands of individuals and industries affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The healthcare industry in particular is being granted $117 billion for hospitals and veterans’ health care, in addition to small-business loans to help cover wages and expenses that will help the smaller independent practices. There is also a requirement for group health plans and insurance providers to cover preventive services related to coronavirus without cost sharing, as well as a temporary suspension of a 2% cut in Medicare fees.

Medical Billing From the Trenches of COVID-19

There's no doubt that things have changed since COVID-19. From social distancing to senior hours at the grocery store, we've adjusted our daily routines to adapt to the 'new normal'. For most of the Medical Billers we speak with, the 'new normal' is still being determined. We at Inbox Health are trying our best to make sure our community of Medical Billers have all the information they need to navigate this uncertain time. We recently spoke with IntegraMDP, a leading Medical Biller, about how the Coronavirus has affected their business, and how they adapted their business to safeguard their employees while supporting their practices and their patients. This is their story.

How Coronavirus Is Driving Healthcare Digitization

COVID-19 is straining and changing our healthcare system before our very eyes.  From emergency preparedness to supply chain to telehealth, we are witnessing transformations that will have a permanent impact on how healthcare is delivered long after the COVID-19 pandemic has receded.  We need to learn from this catastrophe. Many of the changes taking place can root out inefficiencies and streamline processes to ensure we are better prepared for future crises.

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