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We’re a passionate team full of developers, engineers, data scientists, and operators driven to reinvent the world of medical billing; bringing increased clarity around charges and more convenient ways to pay.
"Healthcare is about caring for people. Industry-standard billing systems are designed to not care about our unique circumstances and just send a bill, and if you don’t pay, send you to collections. We need to be building billing systems that are thoughtful about giving patients the treatment they deserve, from a billing standpoint as well as a care standpoint."
Blake Walker
Inbox Health

Our Story

Inbox Health is on a mission to reinvent healthcare, beginning with patient billing. We're working to turn a frustrating and opaque process into an intelligent, personalized experience. We strive every day to create a better model for healthcare billing for all of us. We believe third party medical billers are an important backbone of the US healthcare industry, and one that can help spur a better, fairer healthcare economy. We have chosen to focus our innovation on the needs of these billers to help bring about change across the tens of thousands of independent practitioners they serve.

Our Values

  • Seek to understand
  • Be transparent
  • Be humble
  • Share data
  • Challenge ourselves
  • Create great experiences

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Patients are coming back, get ready

How far we’ve come since last summer. At this time last year you couldn’t turn on your computer without seeing a story about how to make it through the pandemic. Now, for those that took the right steps, the story becomes how to best take advantage of the pent-up demand that is driving every corner of the market to levels never imagined.

How digital payments improve patient satisfaction

I recently went to my doctor for an old shoulder injury. Since I haven’t seen this doctor in a while, I expected to fill out the requisite intake forms. COVID-19 has forced many practices to adopt digital communications to improve the patient experience so I was encouraged when the forms were sent to me digitally before my appointment. What I didn’t expect though was a balance on my account. To make matters worse, there was no way for me to look into the details of this balance or pay it off. The only thing I could do was see my balance and either call into the practice or wait until my appointment to pay it.

Red House Medical Billing’s increased focus on patient billing

When I started Red House Medical Billing 5 years ago I knew I had to differentiate if I was going to succeed. Processing medical bills is a commoditized business in a highly competitive industry with thousands of players. I couldn’t go out with the same messaging and service offering as everyone else. I needed to understand and articulate what makes Red House Medical Billing different.

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