Paper, without the work

A seamlessly integrated lockbox for all of your practices. Integrate checks, and mailed correspondence into your digital workflow, with Mailbox by Inbox Health.

Payments, posted

Mailbox is a fully integrated lockbox solution built with the needs of billing companies in mind



Mailbox automatically scans payments as they arrive and initiates transfers.


Fully Digital

Payments post automatically to your practice management system.


At Your Command

Medical Billers and practices can easily review any miscellaneous mail.


Now, accepting mailed payments is easy

Let Mailbox manage the tedious task of opening and sorting your mail.

  • Automated, end-to-end

  • Truly Paperless

  • Simple Issue Resolution

On paper, Mailbox is a simple solution to a time-consuming problem

  • Accommodate Patient Preferences

    Some patients may always prefer to mail a check. Now you can effortlessly incorporate these paper communications into your digital workstream.

  • Intelligently Overcome Barriers

    Many automated mail receipt tools can be cost prohibitive, and most fail to fully connect the process. With Mailbox you can reduce cost while fully integrating elements of your payment posting process.

  • Save Time & Labor

    No more trips to the post office or bank. No more scanning or keying in payments and reconciling patient records. Mailbox can do it for you, so you can focus on managing other areas of your business.

Get started with Mailbox today

If you’re already an Inbox Health customer, simply reach out to your CSM to enable Mailbox on your account. New customer inquiries can click below and schedule a quick chat to tell us more about you.

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