Paper, without the work

Mailbox is Inbox Health’s lockbox service designed for billing teams that uses technology to automate the work of opening, sorting, depositing, and posting mailed patient payments for you.  

Process paper payments with the ease, speed, and convenience of digital correspondence.


Get paid faster

Mail is scanned and posted to your PM system as it is received. Without having to manually review and deposit your mail, you get paid the day a check arrives.


Automate patient payment posting

Patients’ checks are received, scanned, and automatically posted to your PM systems.


Consolidate and enhance reporting

Keep all patient billing activity in one place with Mailbox. See your digital and mailed patient payment data in a single snapshot – no logging into a separate third-party software or inputting payments manually.

How it Works

Automate 95% of paper patient payments

Mailbox automatically reviews incoming mail, and 95% of patient payments post automatically, deposit to your bank account, and apply to your practice management system(s).

  • Automated, end-to-end

  • Payments Sync Seamlessly

By processing and posting your mailed payments accurately and quickly, your billing team will also benefit from:

  • Fewer questions and phone calls from patients with Mailbox’s ability to send receipts automatically
  • Fewer statements sent due to increased accuracy result in cost savings on paper and postage
  • Reduced manual labor, improving the efficiency of your business

Inbox Health’s Mailbox vs. Traditional Lockbox

Features Mailbox Lockbox
Scans mail
Automatically posts payments to your bank account
Access images to mail
Integrates with your PM system and workflow
Flags miscellaneous mail for your review
Designed for medical billing teams
Costs Fixed Fee Fixed fee + check processing, data storage, and banking fees

Get started with Mailbox today

If you’re already an Inbox Health customer, simply reach out to your CSM to enable Mailbox on your account. New customer inquiries can click below and schedule a quick chat to tell us more about you.

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