Inbox Health for Medical Practices

Reimagine patient billing

Most practices collect 10-15% more, with 50% faster patient cash flow from patient receivables.

Inbox Health is a smarter way to manage billing and communications between your team and your patients


Save time and money

Lower paper statement costs and reduce costly administrative hours spent resolving patient questions


Increase profitability

Accelerate collection rates and lower days outstanding until paid


Improve patient satisfaction

Happy patients pay sooner and are more likely to recommend your practice to others

Let Inbox Health streamline your daily tasks so you can focus on patient care.

Speak their language

Send statements that patients can easily understand

Use patient-friendly statements that are clear and branded for your practice. Every touchpoint offers convenient web and mobile access to make a payment, ask questions or learn about coverage.

Spend more time on patient care

Answer fewer phone calls due to misunderstandings

A patient with expired insurance might appreciate an email asking for updated information prior to being billed. Our system has the intelligence to understand situations like this, and sequence communications to help ensure accuracy and clarity.

communicating via text

Resolve issues fast, with ease

Deliver on-demand support while reducing your day-to-day administrative tasks

More than half of patients don’t pay healthcare bills. Misunderstanding is a major factor. Being able to get quick answers to questions and resolve simple issues can dramatically improve both the percentage and the speed of patient collections.

Let patients pay, their way

Accept a host of payment types with no additional tech or workflow needed

Accept in-person and contactless payments via check, credit card, Apple Pay, IVR (phone) and ACH transfer. Patients can choose to pay in full or set up recurring payments to cover their balance.

The experience is completely customized
to your patient population

Bill and communicate with patients via text, email, paper statements or a mix of all three. Our built-in algorithms will help make suggestions, but you and your patients are in control of which format they prefer. Happier patients pay faster!

"With Inbox Health, we noticed a difference right away. Patient payments increased over 39%."
James Gietz, CEO

Your Health Lab

Inbox Health features

Everything you need from your
medical billing software


Real-time Chat

Solve issues fast, in a HIPAA-compliant secure environment.



Process payments at time of visit, onsite or remote.


Patient Portal

Secure, online access to messages, statements and more.



Integrate paper correspondance into your digital workflow.



Accept payments effortlessly over an automated phone system.



Revenue tracking, reporting features, QA tools and Practice metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don’t want to change how my patients receive statements?
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    Until recently, billing companies were limited with how they could send patient statements. However, patients are increasingly demanding additional options, with 77% of customers preferring to use digital channels to pay their medical bills. For patients that are happy with how they are currently receiving statements, they can choose to receive only paper statements. Inbox Health is customized to your specific practice and your patients, so please reach out to your billing company if you’d like to know how Inbox Health is specifically designed for you.

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  • What if I already have a merchant service provider?
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    Inbox Health does not require merchant set up and there are no set-up fees, so you can continue to use your same service for in office payments.

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  • How is this different from any other e-statement provider?
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    Inbox Health tailors our patient outreach and messaging to your patients’ preferences so they receive statements they can understand in ways they feel most comfortable receiving the communication. Other e-statement providers just send basic emails and text messages in place of, or in addition to, the generic paper statements. Inbox Health meets patients on their terms – based on their preferences.

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  • What if I'm concerned about HIPAA?
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    Inbox absolutely shares your concern on making sure patient information is protected, and they are reached out in a way consistent with HIPAA. Our platform does this by limiting the information available to patients before they confirm their identity with our secure-platform. In addition, the sharing of limited identifying information (name of practice, patient first name) in order to collect a debt is in compliance with HHS regulation.

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  • Will this affect front desk workflow?
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    With Inbox Health, practices can continue with their existing workflow. We would recommend asking patients for email addresses in addition to your normal demographic collection, as we find email is generally the patient’s preferred method of communication, but the practice can continue their current front desk workflow. For any interested practice, Inbox can provide materials for their front desk to explain to patients the benefits your office can now provide them through Inbox.

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  • Can we access the patient engagement system from our office?
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    Absolutely, you or your team can have access to your practice to see and review payments, take payments, see patient interactions and questions, review and approve potential collection accounts, or review bills in detail. However, you are not required to access Inbox Health’s solution, we can manage it completely for you. Some information regarding statements sent to patients is uploaded to our current systems and will be visible to you and your team.

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