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Unlock the value of your data

Inbox Health’s reporting and analytics are aligned with your billing operations to help you understand your business, measure your success, and maximize your revenue.

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Unlock the value of your data with Inbox Health’s analytics and performance insights. Turn insights into action with reports and dynamic visuals that track data for all of your practices in one place.


Understand Your Business

Streamline billing and reporting insights by tracking patient payment trends and measuring the most effective way to collect outstanding balances.


Optimize Business Performance

Uncover trends in billing engagement across practices to identify areas for improvement to optimize your workflow.


Turn Insights into Action

Quickly pinpoint revenue-generating opportunities within the billing cycle across multiple practices and providers.


Save time and avoid errors accessing and interpreting your revenue data

To effectively manage your bottom line, you need powerful business analytics aligned to your operations and integrated into your workflow. Inbox Health scales your reporting and analytics. The platform understands your baseline performance and optimizes your processes with standard reports and dynamic dashboard visuals, highlighting key performance metrics that turn insights into strategic actions.

  • All your Data, at Your Fingertips

    Track and report data for all of your practices and providers in a single, easy-to-use experience.

  • Key Reports and Dashboards, Ready-to-go

    Quick access to standard reports for immediate use by exporting for additional analysis or to use as work lists.

  • Visual Storytelling to share Performance Data

    Export any of the dashboard analytics for use in your presentations to facilitate sharing your data story.

  • Data Elements, Explained

    A data dictionary for key metrics is available in our Learning Center – linked directly from the Reports center as a way to learn more about key business metrics and reports.

Analytics & Performance Dashboard

Our at-a-glance analytics dashboard details payments collected, patients billed, payment velocity, and patient engagement. With dynamic filtering and visual exports, data is at the ready to help share your performance,measure trends, and optimize revenue opportunities.

At-A-Glance Metrics

At-A-Glance Metrics provide a snapshot of key billing metrics detailing payments received, patients billed, support tickets opened, statements delivered by channel, and payment velocity at any customized date range.

Patient Billing Metrics

Patient Billing metrics provides details regarding unique patients billed and a sum of patients collected through our portal, with key emphasis in a breakdown of payments collected through our platform and influenced from our billing actions, to see the value of Inbox Health over time compared to internal collections.

Patient Engagement and Support Metrics

Patient Engagement and Support metrics can help you understand the volume of patient support tickets and payment behaviors.

Billing Cycle Analytics

Understand your billing cycle performance for individual practices and across your entire book of business. Analytics support custom billing cycles so you can see with granularity which strategies are accelerating collections via tailored outreach.

Report Center

Our suite of out-of-the-box reports provides you instant access to your data to help you measure your success, track trends, and optimize your income, all included within our experience – and it’s easy to export without the number crunching.

Billing Metrics Snapshot

Key patient billing, payment and support metrics in a single report to share your performance, identify areas of success, and determine areas to improve.


Patient Details

View all patients, new patients, duplicates, and all patient balances.


Payment Detail

View payment detail by method.


A/R Aging

View A/R aging broken out by patient and aged trial balance.



Export collections reporting by patient.


Tickets Report

Better understand the performance of your team’s response to patient questions, how your patients are interacting with your system, and time to resolution.

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