A superior payment experience

Whether they are remote – or in office – allow patients to easily pay via credit card, digital wallet, ACH, phone and check.

Expand your patient payment options

Offer patients the flexibility to pay their bills in office, by mail, over the phone or online from any device. Accept credit cards, digital wallet payments, ACH, phone payments and of course paper checks. Depending on the practice, patients can also choose to pay in full, or set up recurring payments to cover their balance.

Reduce confusion with simplified statements that explain the charges

Encourage timely balance resolution with billing statements that are easy to understand. Whether paper or electronic, each statement offers a brief explanation of charges and applied payments, with multiple, convenient means of contact should a patient still have questions.

billing statement

Pair empathy with technology to collect more, faster

Multiple means of contact and payment help patients feel comfortable and empowered to resolve their balances quickly. By removing barriers to communication and connection, you foster a greater sense of trust; leading to higher collection rates, and lower days invoices are outstanding.

billing statement balance due
"I love Inbox Health. My time can be focused on practice management rather than resolving billing issues or chasing patients for overdue payments."
Lon Tran, MBA, Practice Administrator

Denny Eye and Laser Center

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