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Inbox Health Partners with Healthpac to Deliver a Better Patient Billing Experience

July 08, 2019

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NEW HAVEN, CT  JULY 08, 2019

Inbox Health, a company that makes every patient billing and payment experience clear and convenient, has partnered with Healthpac, a leading provider of medical billing software and practice management solutions. This alliance seamlessly integrates Healthpac’s billing software with Inbox Health’s powerful patient billing and communication platform to produce incredible results.

What makes this partnership unique is Inbox Health’s communication platform, which designs and automates statement interactions based on a patient’s situation and behavior patterns unlike anything else in the market right now. Algorithms tailor the billing engagement to each practice and patient’s individual needs, facilitating two-way communication between practices and patients using SMS, email, voice technology, & paper mail for a clear and convenient patient billing experience.

Healthpac users can now harness Inbox Health’s personalized patient billing interactions to deliver an optimal patient billing experience to their patients, while reducing their administrative waste and improving their payment metrics. With the combined solution, Healthpac users can expect to see increased patient collection rates, greatly reduced paper statement usage, and 70% reductions in patient support calls.

Patients are provided with an unprecedented, interactive view of their bill on any device for a clearer understanding of what they owe. With the new platform, patients can now engage with billing experts in real-time for help understanding their bill, while also enjoying broader payment options, including credit card, HSA, Apple Pay, Android Pay, payment plans, 24/7 IVR payments and more.

“Your Health Lab is excited to be working with Inbox Health and Healthpac. We’ve seen great initial results from the product, eliminating thousands of unnecessary patient bills and driving our revenue cycle to be far shorter and more efficient. Our billing team is always looking for ways to improve patient billing efficiency, and this integrated solution provides an incredible new option for our growing business, reducing waste and improving patient payments,” said James Gietz, CEO of Your Health Lab. “As a laboratory, delivering a clear and understandable patient payment experience is paramount to our organization. Inbox Health has quickly become a vital part in helping us achieve that goal.”

Blake Walker, CEO of Inbox Health, noted the changes in the industry, “Every patient is unique, the standard process of treating all patients and all balances the same doesn’t work in a world where we shop on Amazon and buy lunch with our phone. This is a turning point for healthcare, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of developing a new consumer experience for patients, and working with Healthpac to deliver this robust experience.”

“Healthpac strives to deliver the best in class solutions. By partnering with Inbox Health, we want to ensure our customers are prepared for a future where patients take on a greater role in healthcare payments. Patients need more clarity with their bills, and more payment options,” said Healthpac CEO and founder Buddy Claborn. “We’ve worked hard to ensure that Inbox Health integrates well with our platform, giving our customers an amazing overall experience.”

About Healthpac
Founded in Savannah in 1981, Healthpac is a leading provider of medical billing and practice management software for physicians, radiology imaging centers, healthcare providers, laboratories and medical billing companies. Healthpac’s billing solutions, constantly evolving proprietary software and experience in the healthcare industry have made the company a trusted advisor for more than 30,000 providers in 45 states. Healthpac’s software is carefully tailored to provide the functionality needed in today’s healthcare industry, and the company’s staff includes several former practice managers and healthcare business owners who are tasked with constantly improving Healthpac’s level of service. The company’s CEO, Buddy Claborn, sits on the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association advisory board and is a previous recipient of the National Healthcare Billing Software Vendor of the Year from the Healthcare Billing and Management Association.