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Most Popular Practice Management Systems for Medical Billers

Not all practice management systems are created equal. As the market shifts toward patient-first billing, the most popular practice management systems have also evolved. The industry is seeing rapid consolidation of the practice management system market in healthcare to better accommodate the needs of patients and billing teams. 

What does this mean for medical billers? For starters, the best practice management systems are future-proofed, meaning the technology is poised to adapt with the digital healthcare landscape. By focusing your medical billing company or practice on the most popular practice management systems, you’ll win more business, decrease the learning curve and training time for staff, and drive operational efficiency by managing all of your accounts in one place.  

Here are the most popular practice management systems on the market today, broken down by most used practice management systems overall and by size of practice.

Top Ten Most Popular Practice Management Systems Used by Medical Billers

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Most-Used Practice Management Systems by Size of Practice

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Number of employees
Practice Mgmt System1-56-2526-5051-7576-100100+
Kareo 5035161686336128
Medisoft 27125669331451
Office Ally22823869191347
athenahealth 92130802749228
HealthPac 63953613935
Practice Fusion 65842913917


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With eClinicalWorks, patients are able to pay bills electronically, schedule appointments, and check in for appointments through a self-service portal. Users also receive collections, refunds, and insurance claim alerts. 

3.3 / 5 starts on Capterra. Read the full review.

Advanced MD

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AdvancedMD offers appointment scheduling and electronic patient payments through a patient portal with digital bill pay reminders, ability to start a payment plan, and store a credit card on file. AdvancedMD includes a mobile app for practices with access to data and meaningful reports. 

3.6 / 5 stars on Capterra. Read the full review. 


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Kareo’s cloud-based EHR software gives practices the ability to schedule appointments, verify insurance eligibility, send electronic patient statements and insurance claims, receive electronic insurance and patient payments, manage collections, store documents online, and print custom reports.

4 / 5 stars on Capterra. Read the full review.


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Nextgen provides electronic health record solutions. Top features include payment processing, a patient portal, patient scheduling, and documentation management. The system streamlines the revenue cycle, promotes clinical outcomes, and improves patient satisfaction.

4 / 5 starts on Capterra. Read the full review.


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Medisoft is a cloud-based medical billing tool that provides appointment scheduling, claim management, inpatient and outpatient collections, custom reporting, and more. 

4.5 / 5 on Capterra. Read the full review.

Office Ally

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Office Ally offers medical billing, patient scheduling, patient records management, insurance claims management, and more with a free and fee-based payment structure based on your needs.

3.8 / 5 on Capterra. Read the full review.


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athenaOne by athenahealth is an established software that performs administrative and quality services to ensure full payment. Features include claims management, compliance tracking, remittance advice, charting, and appointment scheduling. 

3.7 / 5 stars on Capterra. Read the full review.


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EpicCare EMR by Epic Systems is an EHR software with appointment scheduling, charting, compliance tracking, a self-service portal, and appointment tracking. The system makes patient care management more efficient. 

4.4 / 5 starts on Capterra. Read the full review.


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Allscripts is software designed for small-to mid-size physical practices to streamline operations. The software offers e-prescribing, compliance tracking, charting, appointment scheduling, and a self-service portal. 

3.4 / 5 stars on Capterra. Read the full review.


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Healthpac automates the management portion of medical offices. Top features include claims management, claims scrubbing, insurance eligibility verification, invoice history, and remittance advice. 

5 / 5 stars on Capterra. Read the full review.

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Next steps: How to analyze the best practice management system for your billing team


As your billing team looks to the future, it is increasingly important to adopt a patient-first approach to software. The first step is to consider where you are now. Ask yourself the following questions – you can even survey your billing team for a more comprehensive view of your business:

  • What is your business size now and how are you planning for growth in the future?
  • What tasks are taking up the most time? Can they be automated? Do you have too much human error or inconsistency between team members?
  • Look at your bottom line. Where are you spending the most money? Have you seen an increase in postage and paper costs? How has the cost of labor changed?
  • Does your staff feel supported with the tools they need to be efficient?
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Once you know where you currently stand, you can more effectively analyze your needs. When you are evaluating your technology, look at areas where it has a positive impact on the following:

  • Reduces costs
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Increases uniformity, consistency, and accountability via automation
  • Boosts revenue
  • Improves the client and patient experience
  • Improves employee and patient retention
  • Supports growth and is scalable


Understanding the most-used practice management systems gives you insight on the direction of the medical billing industry in the future. For example, software companies like Inbox Health address the need for patient-first billing while automating the payment and support experience. To equip yourself for the future, analyze your areas for improvement, evaluate your technology stack, and assess how software impacts your workflow.

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