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At Inbox Health, we’re about more than just profits. From a nimble startup to a now 50+ person organization, we believe that success is best realized when everyone is a part of it.

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"As a young engineer, I was nervous about joining a startup – but those nerves quickly faded when I realized my new teammates were as eager to teach as I was to learn. Everyone is open to collaboration, egos are left at the door, and we work together to solve the interesting and challenging technical problems we face in healthcare."
john o'kelly
John O'Kelly, Engineering

Inbox Health

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Our Values

User Experience is Paramount

Healthcare is rife with awful experiences for consumers, for providers, for administrators. We strive to build the most convenient, affordable and beautiful patient billing, support, and payment experiences possible.

Be Transparent

Bring openness and clarity to every interaction. With our team, with our customers, and with patients.

Open Mindedness

Talent exists in unexpected places, and great ideas come from unexpected sources. If we build a team on a foundation of open mindedness, humility, and respect, we can learn more from one another and be a better team.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Great things rarely happen while you’re taking the easy path forward. Interactions with our teammates, users, and business decisions are often right when they push us outside of our comfort zone.

"We strive to create a positive working environment that celebrates success, fosters growth, and encourages innovative ideas. More than anything, we make sure each team member feels valued and supported."
blake walker
Blake Walker, CEO

Inbox Health

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