Greg Yefremov


Greg is an Observer on the Board of Directors and the first member of the Advisory Board of Inbox Health. He met Inbox in early 2016 at a pitch event and became an advocate shortly after learning more about the company and its founders. Throughout the years, he has taken the role of one of the staunchest supporters of the team and their evolving vision on how to modernize and improve the patient billing experience in the US healthcare industry. Greg brings strategic advice, operational discipline, and impeccable attention to detail. He is a Principal at the New York office of I2BF Global Ventures, a VC firm, where he curates a growing Digital Healthcare portfolio of the company. Greg also serves as an operations, strategy, and investment advisor to other startups in Digital Healthcare, Biotech, and Energy sectors. Beyond his professional engagements, Greg is passionate about STEM education and, whenever his schedule permits, enjoys teaching the fundamentals of science and math in a way that focuses on understanding of the core principles rather than on memorization of disjointed facts.