Scott Houghton

Vice President

Scott is our Vice President. Scott has been with Inbox Health since its inception. He has an entrepreneurial spirit mixed with a relentless desire to make a positive impact in healthcare. With his background in Finance and Sales, Scott spent time working for some of the top fortune 500 companies after graduating from Villanova University. Healthcare became a passion due to its many challenges and Inbox Health was the culmination of years developing a way to help the industry, doctors, and patients from a business standpoint.

When not leading his team at Inbox Health, Scott can be found leading a team on the lacrosse field. Coaching is one of his passions and a source of great pride. ” Youth sports provides such valuable lessons and coaching has given me the privilege to make a difference in many lives” . When not traveling the country for work or one of his three children’s sporting events, he manages to keep his three point shot on track in one of his basketball leagues. Scott still dreams of playing in the NBA but won’t be leaving his day job anytime soon. Something unique about Scott is his ability to know the lyrics of every song. We have tested him and this is true. Scott’s plan A is to make Inbox Health the leader in patient bill engagement but plan B would be to find global success if there ever was a game show for repeating song lyrics.