Simon Kaluza

Co-Founder, CTO

As co-founder and CTO, Simon Kaluza leads and manages software engineering and system administration, looking for novel ways to approach the problems facing the US healthcare billing industry. Having acted as primary caregiver for chronically ill loved ones in the past, solving the complexity of the United States billing system is a distinctly personal issue for him. He dedicates his time to developing innovative new technology and software architecture to improve the lives of billers, providers, patients, and Inbox Health’s partners.

He previously served as a senior engineer at 3M Health Information Systems where he received a Circle for Technical Excellence award for pioneering unique approaches to processing large data sets using Hadoop Map-Reduce compute clusters. Prior to that he worked at several other electronic health record companies as well as a developer advocate at Microsoft and holds a M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Physics.